Why Asia Has a Better Chance at Economic Recovery

Photo by Power Lai on Unsplash

Childcare all over the world is an issue all parents stress over.

We've seen a skewed negative impact on jobs for women during this pandemic as many either have lost their job(s) or need to spend more time at home while kids stay home from school.

In Canada (not unlike other Western countries), childcare is a massive headache for parents - especially as not all childcare centres have re-opened. Parents are having to make a choice between who's looking after the kids and going to work (yes, many are working from home, but if you're an essential worker you don't have that choice).

That's why Asia, as a whole region, is setup to have a better chance of recovering...

...thanks to access to domestic helpers.

Since many families in Asia have relatively easy access to domestic helpers - employment and output contributed by BOTH parents is relatively easier to return to normal (whatever normal is nowadays).

Simply because the childcare issue is taken care of.

So, if you have a good helper - you can thank them for helping the global recovery (when the time comes).

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